Monthly Archives: May 2015

Train Through The Pain?


If you’re ever watching a professional sport and the announcers are talking about a player who is in pain or injured, you may hear them make a very specific distinction between the two. Many players are expected to play through the pain by wrapping it up, getting a shot or just mind over matter. Especially in football, players can be […]

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Carbs: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Large group of foods

Some people will tell you that the best thing you can do for your health is eliminate all carbs, while other people will tell you that a healthy lifestyle means having plenty of carbs. The truth lies somewhere in between, but it isn’t just a matter of having a certain amount of carbs. It also means having the right ones. […]

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Taking Your Workout With You


I remember when I first started exercising again. The personal trainer I was working with at Legacy Fit was telling me about the philosophy of NoDaysOFF. I was halfway serious when I told him that would be impossible. I assumed that my first few workouts would leave me so sore, as my muscles got used to working out again. He […]

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The Green Way To Start A Great Day

Healthy drink with ingredients on wooden background

Like most people, my day typically started with a cup or two of coffee. Unfortunately, that got to be part of the problem. It seemed like after a while, the second cup of coffee was not enough and I would find myself having a third or a fourth during the course of the day. I knew there had to be […]

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The Logo Is More Than Just A Pretty Face


Working out is more than just physical exercise. It takes an incredible amount of mental strength and focus to continue to push through. As soon as the bootcamp classes and training become easy, it means it is time to take it to the next level and make it hard all over again. That is why it is important to have […]

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The Truth Behind NoDaysOFF


A few years back I decided I was going to start working out again. I didn’t have a lot of money so I couldn’t afford a personal trainer, but I looked up a series of exercises online that seemed like they would be a good place to start. I also knew that I needed to pay attention to what I […]

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The Color Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Best Bootcamp Gym in Miami

  It’s no surprise to say that branding is an important part of how we make decisions in our lives. Familiar names and logos instantly give us a level of comfort with whatever it is we’re doing: what we’re buying, where we’re eating, that sort of thing. This was important when designing the logo for Legacy Fit, but it was […]

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Why You Won’t Want To Cheat On The #NoDaysOff

Innovative Bootcamp Classes in Miami

  The biggest challenge to maintaining a new healthy lifestyle is the second day. The first day everyone feels the rush from beginning something new. You sense the possibility and you know what your goals are. The second day you may be sore, and you may start to understand just how daunting the challenge is going to be and question […]

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Working With An NFL Trainer


I’d been an athlete pretty much starting when I was ten years old. Even through college, I played club level sports and worked out on a regular basis. Once I graduated, however, I found it hard to keep focus on my lifestyle. Without a new season to look forward to, my motivation started to slack. Luckily I was smart enough […]

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