Monthly Archives: July 2015

Sweating It Out To An Emotional High


After life knocked me down a few different ways in a row, I was feeling pretty down in the dumps. I knew that I probably should have seen a therapist, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Finally, at my annual physical, my doctor noticed the change in my mood. After I told him what had happened the […]

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Being Pushed Harder Than I Can

Personal Trainer

I moved to Miami for work about three years ago and one of the first things I did was start living a naturally healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t so much that I became fanatical about what I ate and drank (although I did start paying closer attention to that) but rather with such beautiful weather all the time, I tried to […]

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My Training Got Personal

Innovative Bootcamp Classes in Miami

I have always been in what I considered good shape. I never exercised too much, but I was very cautious about what I ate, practiced meditation to help relieve stress and paid attention to the little things. So naturally, when a friend of mine suggested we take part in a charity 5K, I figured I could easily handle it. Well, […]

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Keeping Up With My Kid

Exercising is fun. Happy father and son exercising with dumbbells and smiling while both standing in health club

Like most ten year old boys these days, my son would seemingly rather spend a week in front of his PlayStation or computer or tablet than be outside for an hour. The beauty of living in South Florida seems to be lost on him sometimes. His mother and I do what we can to encourage a healthy lifestyle with physical […]

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Breaking Up With Routine

Sign of healthy lifestyle under blue sky

So many people go to the gym with a laser focus on achieving results and blinders to the rest of what engaging in a healthy lifestyle can do for them. The problem is what happens when they reach them. People focus on losing a specific number of pounds or lifting a certain amount of weight, but once they get there […]

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Personal Training On Your Own

Concentrated mature man looking at camera at gym

I have very little self-motivation. That is why when I was looking to join a gym in Miami, I wanted to find one that, beyond having the classes and equipment that I wanted, there were also personal trainers that could help me stay focused. The gym I ended up choosing was the one where the trainer told me that he […]

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The Unintended Benefits Of Boot Camp Fitness

Best Bootcamp Classes in Miami

I had been following a pretty stable workout regimen for the last two years, and although I enjoyed it, I knew that it was getting a little stale. When my job transferred me to Miami, I decided that was a good time to mix it up a little bit. A lot of people had been talking about boot camp and […]

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To Shake Or Not To Shake

Muscular shirtless male bodybuilder drinking protein shake from blender. Isolated on white, looking at camera

I keep seeing all of these different ads for protein shakes and smoothies, and it seems like there is a new one opening every week between my apartment, my job and my gym. I don’t know if I got curious or just worn down by all the advertising, but I started to pick one up, and pretty soon it became […]

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