Monthly Archives: September 2015

Finding Ways To Make Fitness In Miami Fun


The biggest challenge I and other personal trainers in Miami face is finding ways to keep people engaged. Some understand that adapting to a healthy lifestyle takes time – one of my mottos is, “It took a long time to get fat, so it will take a long time to get thin” – but a lot of people seem to […]

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Day 14 Of #NoDaysOFF


They say that the two hardest times of giving up an addiction are the third day and the third week. If that is the case, I am not looking forward to next week. I’m two weeks into my 84 day NoDaysOFF commitment and I’m not going to lie: this is easily one of the most challenging things I’ve ever put […]

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Water Water Everywhere

glass is filling up with water

One of the many reasons I moved to Miami was the opportunity to get out on the water year round. I also got myself a personal trainer in Miami to help me get back to living a healthy lifestyle. He helped me enroll in the boot camp fitness classes Miami has to help get me jump started and also coached […]

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Creating My Own Camp Fitness

Close up image of  female in sports clothing relaxing after workout on dark background. Muscular female body with sweat. Image with copyspace for text

Over the years I have tried to find different ways to stay on track when working out. I have hired personal trainers, signed up for a series of boot camp fitness classes, even locked myself into expensive gym memberships in the hopes that spending that much money would guilt me into going, but none of them worked. The truth is […]

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Taking My Last Day Off


One of my faults is that I can be more of a talker than a doer. It can be especially annoying (or so my friends tell me) when I am complaining about something but when given the chance to do something about it, I find excuses not to. For all the personal trainers Miami has to choose from, I never […]

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Professional Training For An Amateur Athlete

Brutal athletic man pumping up muscles with dumbbells

I easily describe myself as a “weekend warrior.” My athleticism is limited to bar sponsored softball leagues, weekend golf outings, pick-up basketball games and a yearly vacation trip to ski country. As I have gotten older, I’ve notice I have slowed down a little, can’t hit it as far or ski as long as I used to. My competitive drive […]

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Day Seven of #NoDaysOFF


Last week I made the commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. I had slowly been putting on weight and getting more progressively out of shape (one of my friends suggested I should go to fat camp, and I think he might have only been half joking) and after talking about it enough, another friend challenged me to do something about […]

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Committing To A Healthy Lifestyle

female working out

I have always struggled with my weight, and I don’t just mean a little. When I was kid, I even spent a summer going to Fat Camp. It helped for a while, but the problem was that we weren’t taught ways to keep the momentum going when we got home. It was far too easy to just not try anymore […]

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Feeling The Benefits Of Sports Performance Miami


I’ve always kept a pretty healthy lifestyle, focusing on my diet and exercise and just trying to stay in peak physical shape. From what I’ve seen of other people I’ve met while living this way is that more people would do it and stick with it if they found ways to keep it interesting. There is certainly a subset of […]

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