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Passionate Guidance of the Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

For the longest time, I avoided the use of a personal trainer. I knew deep down that I didn’t have the knowledge nor the motivation to get me where I truly wanted to be in regards to healthy living. Despite this, I continued to struggle on my own in a delusional state thinking that I could get there on my […]

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A Diametric Change To Healthy Living

Large group of foods

When I was single and all I had to worry about was myself, I realize that I really didn’t worry about healthy living. I didn’t eat well, I didn’t even try. Soda, energy drinks, fast food, and complete junk food was my diet and I never worried about exercise. I guess when you’re young, you don’t think about the health […]

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The Personal Struggle of Healthy Living

Innovative Bootcamp Classes in Miami

I think almost everyone aspires to a lifestyle of healthy living. I know I do. Having a nutritious and balanced diet is part of getting and maintaining your weight. That is really the easy part. It doesn’t take much energy to make sure that your shopping list is filled with plenty of fruits and vegetables and not sugary soft drinks […]

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