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Health and Fitness is a Lifestyle, Not a Trend

We hear the term “trend” at every turn these days but the definition of the word has become clouded. Beanie Babies were a trend. Big hair was a trend. Fashion is always a trend. Trends come and go, but some things never change. Fitness, health and nutrition has been called a “trend” of late due to the influx of obesity […]

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Personal Trainers: Aren’t They Too Expensive?


There was a time, not too long ago, when personal trainers were considered a luxury only afforded by the rich and famous. Today, it’s a different story. The increased popularity of bootcamp gyms has brought about a new understanding of personal trainers and their affordability. While there is some truth to the high expense of one-on-one personal training, the opportunity […]

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Picking a Bootcamp Gym in Miami

bootcamp gym

Miami is a big, beautiful city, known for its bikini-clad beach babes, amazing nightlife, diverse culture and tropical temperatures. Listed among the most physically fit cities in the US, as you can imagine, there are a plethora of gyms and fitness centers to choose from in Miami. The latest and greatest trend in fitness nationwide is bootcamp gyms and there […]

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Getting Started at a Bootcamp Gym

Getting To The Core Of Physical Fitness

Bootcamp gyms in Miami…Yea, kind of scary, huh? Just the name is a little intimidating. Relax. I was in your boots not too long ago and I assure you, it’s not like all that. When I decided to stop my membership to a 24-hour gym and look into bootcamp gyms in Miami on the recommendation of a friend, I felt […]

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I Found My Personal Trainer in Miami!


I moved to Miami some time ago. It was a long arduous task moving across the country but my attraction to the city was undeniable. As a longtime fitness enthusiast, I began my hunt for personal trainers in Miami long before my move was complete and had little difficulty finding a plethora of qualified candidates. What I found that I […]

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Home Gym vs. Gym Membership

female working out

For many of us, there comes the dilemma of whether to invest in a home gym and/or a treadmill or elliptical machine or whether to invest in a monthly gym membership. What is right for you and your personality? Do you thrive on being able to maintain your own workout on your own or do you do better when you […]

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