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Exercising With an Injury

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Sore muscles are one thing, a pulled or strained muscle is entirely another. A pulled hamstring, for instance, often sidelines professional athletes despite their conditioning so the question is, should you work out when you’ve got an injury of that nature? First of all, if there is any suspicion of injury more severe than a pulled muscle, it is absolutely […]

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Finding the Top Personal Trainers in Miami

Best Bootcamp Classes in Miami

Finding a personal trainer in just about any city can be difficult but in a city like Miami, it can be a big challenge. Known for beautiful people, bikini clad hard bodies and trendy celebrities, Miami is ranked among the most physically fit cities in the country and due to that, you will find an enormous number of personal trainers […]

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Cheat Days: Not for Everyone

cheat day

We’ve all heard famous, perfectly fit people on television talking about “cheat” days. I don’t know about you, but I can’t do “cheat” days. If I even look at a candy bar, I immediately feel it in my thighs. I’m not one to find it easy to have only one square of chocolate when there are seven left. Cheat days […]

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