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The Power of Personal Trainers


When I see stars on television who have transformed their lives through nutrition and fitness, I always think to myself, “Of course, they can afford a trainer!” Yes, movie and TV stars can afford a trainer and nutritionist but the reality is, so can I, just not quite in the same capacity. While private personal training can be costly, we […]

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The Importance of Consistency

Personal Trainers in Miami

Working out on a consistent schedule can be a bit of a hassle with all of the “reality” that gets in the way. Kids have recitals. You stay late at work. There are a million things that can pop up and push making it to the gym down to the bottom of your priority list. To keep yourself fit, you […]

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What is the Point of a Weighted Sled?


As bootcamp gyms have gained great popularity, the weighted sled has become an integral part of many fitness programs. Pushing it, pulling it, incorporating the sled into interval workouts and more sled based exercises have proven very effective for those of all fitness levels. Some of the simple benefits become readily apparent as one consistently uses a weighted sled in […]

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The Top Benefits of Bootcamp Gyms


Bootcamp gyms have taken the fitness world by storm in the past decade. Generally a group class lead by a professional personal trainer, fitness enthusiasts are finding that the results from the workout far exceeds those offered by 24 hour gyms and traditional fitness centers. You won’t find a spin class, or aerobics class or even leg, core or arm […]

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Bootcamp Gym Obstacle Courses: Military Style!


Most of the top bootcamp gyms in Miami offer a workout designed to exercise your entire body in a single one hour workout, but a select few take it to an entirely different level. While the bulk of bootcamp gyms in Miami have only an indoor workout space, which is often more than enough, deep within Miami, one of the […]

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Battle Ropes: The Greatest Tool in the Gym


Since ancient times, rope has been used to simplify and improve our quality of life. Considered one of the most useful inventions in the history of mankind, rope has evolved to become one of the most effective tools the fitness industry has ever seen. In nearly all fitness centers, especially bootcamp gyms, you will find battle ropes. But what exactly […]

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Tips for Bootcamp Gym Beginners


If you’ve never participated in a bootcamp style workout but are interested in giving it a shot, there are a few simple practices that will help you make the most of your first bootcamp experience. By being prepared for the intense exercise and pace will help you enjoy the most effective workout available in the fitness industry today. Be sure […]

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