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Bootcamp Fitness For All Lifestyles


Finding the time or motivation to pursue physical fitness goals can be difficult. Nary a person would argue that finding the time and motivation to do so is important. So, what is the hang-up for so many? Misguidance. You don’t have to work out all the time, it’s unhealthy to do so anyway. All you need is a few sessions […]

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Deadlifting Safety Tips


While the practice of deadlifting weights has become a very popular form of exercise, it is important to know how to do it properly to avoid potentially dangerous injuries. Deadlifting works a large amount of muscle groups including the lower back to which an injury can be devastating. No one wants to have lower back problems and lose time in […]

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PIT Yourself: Partner Interval Training


Part of the success of the traditional military style boot camp is that it forces the participants to work together. It also inspires competition and camaraderie in the group. Now, most bootcamp classes in Miami aren’t anywhere near as militant in their approach as a true military boot camp, but the most successful of them takes many queues from the […]

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Setting Goals for Fitness Success


It is not easy to become fit and stay that way. If you’re anything like me, excuses come far more easily than motivation to get to the gym. When I was diagnosed with a slight health issue, my doctor suggested I start going to the gym on a regular basis, drop some weight and the blood pressure issue should fix […]

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Partner Up For Fitness


If achieving fitness goals was easy, everyone would do it. It’s not easy and everyone knows it. Often, that explains why so many give up prematurely due to an apparent lack of progress. The people that do achieve their fitness goals are the ones that stick with it and do the best that they can regardless. They know visible results […]

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Why am I Happier?


Nearly everything is difficult in the beginning, especially when the visible results of your efforts take time. Those who are struggling with weight loss and just beginning to exercise can get particularly frustrated. Keep in mind, when you begin a fitness regimen, it is not magic, nor instantaneous. On the other hand, if you knew what was physiologically happening inside […]

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Reaching Personal Fitness Goals


There is something special about reaching your personally set fitness goals. It is something that only you can truly understand because you are the one that must do the work to get there. Personal trainers in Miami can congratulate you and celebrate your success, but just like leading a horse to water, you can’t make them drink. That’s right, you […]

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Feel The Burn: Bootcamp Workouts


I’ve heard it for years, “Feel the burn.” Not in all the silly political memes we see right now, but rather working out and getting fit, mind you. The burn is a buildup of lactic acid in muscles as they consume oxygen to do what you want them to do. Miami personal trainers will agree that feeling the burn is […]

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Tips for Effective Stretching


We all need to stretch before working out, running or participating in sports. Warming up reduces our risk of injury greatly but stretching needs to be done properly. Here are a few tips to help you warm up for your bootcamp classes in Miami. 1. Even before stretching, walk around for a moment or two to warm up your muscles. […]

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Don’t Stretch It Too Far


Stretching before your favorite Miami fitness classes is a must. If you don’t stretch, especially if you haven’t been very active recently, which let’s face it, most of the jobs out there are pretty sedentary in nature, your muscles will not be ready for your workout. A cold start is never recommended. At best you’ll just move a little slower […]

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