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The Importance Of Cardio


Cardio, which, for those who don’t know, is short for cardiovascular and is all about your circulatory system. Your heart and all the blood vessels and arteries are all a part of this system. It is at the center of everything you do and we couldn’t live without it. As such, cardio is important when it comes to your physical […]

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Injuries at the Gym


It happens. You’re finally feeling changes, your clothes are fitting differently and you feel like a million dollars. Then, during one of your bootcamp classes, you roll an ankle or pull a muscle or worse. Now what do you do? You were making such great progress, you don’t want to stop now! Of course you don’t want to impede your […]

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What Keeps You From the Gym?


We all have days when working out is the last thing we want to do. Those are the days when we struggle to find the motivation within ourselves to get to that bootcamp gym in Miami. If only we could get there, our personal trainer will typically get us motivated, but getting to the gym is the tough part. Many […]

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Finding The Right Gym For You


Finding the right gym for you isn’t as easy as you might think. For some, finding a gym is nothing more than signing up for any old gym, leaving it up to the gym member to achieve their fitness goals on their own. That’s great for a disciplined and knowledgeable individual, but isn’t necessarily the right fit for everyone. Miami […]

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Instilling A Healthy Lifestyle In Today’s Kids


Times have changed dramatically, even in the last decade. Technology is great for so many different reasons, but the majority of it makes it easier to become lazy and forgo physical exercise. It also means that in any given day, we have so much information available online and such a plethora of entertainment options, that it’s difficult to want to […]

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Heading Into The Holidays


This time of year is tough for those of us trying to lose weight. Halloween brings pumpkin pies and piles of candy. Thanksgiving is all about family, friends and over-eating. Christmas brings us together for parties, fancy dinners and Mom’s famous, home-made fudge. And New Year’s Eve? Well, we all know that it’s the ultimate celebration and generally involves alcohol. […]

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Nutrition Is Key


Unless you’re completely oblivious, you wouldn’t wonder why your car won’t start if its gas tank was sitting on empty. Without fuel, no vroom vroom. Pretty simple stuff. Given that, it shouldn’t be a surprise that your body works in a similar fashion, though a bit more complex. If you don’t eat well and give your body what it needs, […]

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Unlock Your Potential


No one has ever gotten good at something by trying it once. It doesn’t matter what that something is because virtually everything works the same. Only through consistent practice, training, or repetition can one master anything. You can’t achieve your fitness goals by going to fitness classes in Miami once or even sporadically. The key to unlock your potential is […]

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In the Eye of the Hurricane


With Hurricane Matthew looming just off of the Southeast coastline, your fitness goals might not be top on your to-do list if you are in the path of the potentially devastating storm. That is completely understandable and one of the few acceptable excuses to forgo a bootcamp class or skip a workout with your personal trainer. But, once old Matty […]

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Weight For It!!


It’s natural for humans to over-react to stimuli, over-estimate their own abilities, and underestimate negative effects of an action. We go through life learning our own personal limits and the consequences to crossing those lines. In most cases, the consequences are mild and relatively inconsequential. In the case of weight training on the other hand, that’s a different story. Weights […]

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