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Like-Minded Individuals: Group Bootcamp Fitness


It’s natural for people to seek out others who share the same ideals and opinions. In almost every aspect of one’s life, we try to find like-minded people. Where we hang out, work, live, and even in our search for a significant other, we prefer to be around people that we can easily get along with and your physical fitness […]

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Post Holiday Fitness


You’ve enjoyed the company, the gifts, and you’ve had more of your fill of the food. Oh, the food will be your undoing, but how can one resist the epic feasts that the holidays bring? Most people don’t resist and some have nothing but regrets for doing so and jump into a New Year’s resolution to get fit.  Statistically, all […]

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Can I Work Out Too Much?


I know how it is. You start seeing results. Your body is responding to your exercise regimen and it’s exciting! So you decide to increase your bootcamp classes in Miami from two per week to four or more. That is a good thing but remember, your body needs to rest just as much as it needs regular exercise. I’m not […]

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Finding Your Personal Trainer


Finding the right trainer in a crowd of personal trainers in Miami is no small task, especially if it is your first attempt to do so. The most important thing, when it comes to choosing Miami personal trainers, is to find someone that you feel comfortable around and can talk to freely with. The point of having a personal trainer […]

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Are You In A Fitness Conundrum?


Does it feel like the effort that you’re putting in to achieve your fitness goals is falling flat? That all you are accomplishing is working up a sweat and tiring yourself out, but that you aren’t getting any closer to feeling the way you want to feel or looking the way you want to look? If this sounds like you, […]

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Sore? That’s Good!

Woman rubbing shoulder, rear view

Exercise is the one thing consistently recommended by doctors and health professionals to improve your overall health. But, who in their right mind enjoys being sore after exercising? Honestly? You would be surprised by how many people take soreness as a sign of positive progress. It’s true. By working your muscles during a workout, you are literally breaking them down. […]

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“I am so Out of Shape”


How many of us have uttered these words after doing a small amount of physical activity and are already huffing and puffing? I’m betting that the majority of people have said something to that effect at some point in their lives. What is important is what occurs after that. Do you join a Miami bootcamp gym and go as much […]

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Fitness Goals And You


Just like people, fitness goals differ greatly depending on the individual. Not everyone that goes to bootcamp classes in Miami is out to get ripped and bulging with muscles over every square inch of their body. Likewise, not everyone is looking to just get a bit of cardio in and call it a day. There isn’t a concrete fitness goal […]

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Beat the NYE Resolution Rush


New Year’s Eve is the one time of year when a huge percentage of people make empty promises to themselves. “I resolve to finish what I start this year.” “I resolve to stop smoking cigarettes, again.” “I resolve to eat better and exercise more.” There are millions of New Year’s resolutions that are made with the most sincere intentions. Unfortunately, statistics […]

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Eating Through the Holidays


As if it isn’t hard enough to maintain a healthy diet and a consistent workout regimen throughout the year, the coming holidays make it even more difficult. Family feasts with Grandma’s famous stuffing and homemade rolls, Aunt Edith’s mouthwatering fudge and that pie…that delicious looking pie…give us every reason in the world to fall off of our physical fitness wagon. […]

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