Monthly Archives: February 2017

Training vs. Workout


Even if you aren’t a professional athlete, every time you go to a Miami bootcamp gym, you should be thinking of it in the terms of training as opposed to merely a workout. It may seem a bit semantic, but there is a really big difference between training and a workout. A “workout” is such a small word and is […]

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Get More Out Of Life

bootcamp gym

Most people want to live a long, healthy and happy life and it is unfortunate that so many fail to realize, or outright don’t care, that to get the most out of their lives, they need to put in some effort. We’re not talking about spending the majority of their time on this pursuit because that wouldn’t be healthy either, […]

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Becoming A Fitness Enthusiast


To become a fitness enthusiast requires more than just going to a Miami bootcamp gym on occasion because you’re unsatisfied with your level of health or physical appearance. You need to be enthusiastic about your workout itself in addition to the results that you aim to achieve. Many “wannabe” fitness enthusiasts fail due to the fact that they look at […]

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Running To Your Fitness Goals

Calisthenic Healthy Lifestyle

Many fitness enthusiasts enjoy running as their major way of getting fit. Running is great exercise and evolution has made our bodies quite adept at it. Though running alone isn’t the end all solution to achieving one’s fitness goals. It would be like Miami personal trainers telling someone to only do pushups and by doing so, they can be “fit.” […]

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