Always On The Move – No Days OFF®

When it comes to my own physical fitness, I have an advantage over some others. My personal trainers tell me that I’m lucky to have this advantage. That advantage would be that I hardly ever sit still and need to be doing something otherwise I get bored and fidgety. And no, fidget spinners aren’t something that I’ll ever get into. Anyways, When I’m at my bootcamp gym, there is more than enough to keep my mind going with the directions, the tidbits of educational topics, and the motivational words that constantly flow from the personal trainers that teach the classes. Outside of the bootcamp gym though is another story.

My “rest days” are always filled with activities like playing a variety of sports on the nice days or personal projects around the house on not so nice days. I can’t really just sit and watch TV or playing video games. Though I do admit that the Wii Fit held my attention longer than any other video game products. I’ll even admit that I could see the allure of it and that it could actually help kids and senior citizens with their fitness goals. However, it came down to the fact that I couldn’t see how any fit adult that could go out and do things… wouldn’t. I also realize that not everyone is like me. Always on the move whether it’s at the bootcamp gym, playing sports, or any other kind of physical activity.

I believe that the sedentary lifestyle that our society has created isn’t focused on health and fitness. It’s all about work and sitting around watching electronic screens of varying size.

I know you might not have my advantage of needing to be active, but if you just take 30 minutes a day and really get your body moving, I can guarantee that you’ll be feeling better than you would otherwise. If you’re feeling really ambitious, come try out some bootcamp classes with me and tell me that it doesn’t feel great.


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