Controlling Your Sweet Tooth – No Days OFF®

If you have a sweet tooth like I do, you know how powerful the cravings for sweets can be. You also know the guilt of indulging those cravings. You think you may be the only one, but you’re not. Even personal trainers are susceptible to having a sweet tooth. I know because I am one.

I teach bootcamp classes part time and I would consider myself fit, but I do suffer from loving chocolate but I have to stop myself from indulging in my sweet tooth almost constantly. Before I became a trainer, I was a bit out of shape mainly due to my habit of always having chocolate around. Whenever a craving hit me, I would satisfy it and then some. Even when I became a member at a bootcamp gym, I would still over indulge my sweet tooth to the point that it was negatively impacting my progress.

I figured that I deserved it after a hard day, a good workout at the bootcamp gym, and even “just because.” I had to change my thinking and fight the urges to satisfy those cravings. I haven’t outright quit chocolate, but I have limited my chocolate intake mainly by not having it around and it’s too much trouble to go out just for it. When I do get those really strong cravings, I allow myself a bite. A single bite of whatever you’re craving should be enough to make that craving go away. That way, I still get to indulge in something I love, but not have it overtly impact my fitness goals.

Personal trainers are people too and we have our faults. We know the struggle of balancing life and bootcamp classes. Don’t ever be reluctant to speak to us about your own struggles as we have probably dealt with them ourselves and can help you overcome them.


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