Fitness Regression – No Days OFF®

I thought that I had made enough progress in my physical development that perhaps I could take a bit of a breather and rest. A vacation if you will, from the rigors of regular bootcamp classes and the stress of always keeping tabs on my physical fitness. It was only supposed to be a week where I could relax and not have to think about what I was eating and doing to get into better shape. Because of the bootcamp classes that I was taking, I had already made really good progress, but still had a long ways to go.

I thought what could it hurt to take a week off from my fitness goals, I deserved a break, right? Well that week turned into two, then three. Before I knew it, a month and a half had gone by without any visits to my bootcamp gym or any other fitness classes for that matter. I had returned to my sedentary lifestyle because it was easy and it felt good to be lazy as it had for all those years prior.

What caught my attention was the fact that I was getting winded easier and that step had become my enemy again where before they were becoming less of a struggle. That is when I decided that my vacation from physical fitness had to come to an end, again. I immediately scheduled some bootcamp classes and boy, did I hurt afterward. I had surely lost some ground towards my fitness goals, but am now back on track.

It was my own fault for faltering in such a way and I vow to never let it happen again. I want to be fit and I have to remind myself of that fact every day. Even the days that I’m not going to the bootcamp gym… especially those days.


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