Fitness The Right Way – No Days OFF

As everyone’s body is different, so too are their personal fitness goals. To reach those goals, some will ritualistically frequent a bootcamp gym, some may radically change their diet and only work out occasionally, and then some will just cut out carbonated sodas or other sugary beverages and continue on binging their favorite shows. Are any of those “wrong?” No, they all will have an effect on one’s fitness, though some may be more effective than others.

It is greatly dependent on one’s starting point and their desired fitness goal. If you want to lose a few pounds, cutting out soda can actually do that, however if you desire toned muscles, minimal flab, and be the pinnacle of fitness, you may want to consider hitting up a bootcamp gym.

If you are wondering what the right way to get you to the fitness level that you desire, there are numerous paths you can take. Perhaps a bootcamp gym isn’t for you and you are looking for other ways to get fit. There are many different kinds of fitness classes that cater to a very wide range of fitness enthusiasts with just as many different fitness goals.

The one thing that is surely the “wrong” way to getting fit is to do nothing and keep wishing that you were fit. It’s not going to happen so you need to dedicate yourself to implementing the change that you want to see in yourself. It may require bootcamp classes and a radical change to your diet. It may require that you minimally change your diet, but to ramp up your exercise. I may just require that you stop with the treats and the sugary drinks.
You know where you’re at roughly and where you would like to be. If you need assistance in figuring out the most effective and efficient way to get there, personal trainers can surely get you pointed in the right direction, but remember, there is no “right” way to your fitness goals and thus there is no “wrong” way either other than inaction.


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