Future Fitness Prep – No Days Off®

I’m in my mid 20’s and have a relatively easy time staying fit. Though I go to bootcamp classes on a regular basis and they are by far the most effective method I have found to keep the weight off and tone on, I have noticed that I have to work a little bit harder than I did just a few years ago.

As a teenager, I didn’t have to worry too much about what I ate and didn’t frequent any kind of fitness classes as I had a variety of high school sports to do that for me. After graduation I didn’t wait long before becoming a member at my bootcamp gym because I didn’t want to gain any weight just because I stopped being as active. The personal trainers at the gym tell me that as I get older, an unfortunate inevitability as it is, what I am doing now will make it easier to stay at a level of fitness that I desire.

Not everyone thinks about working out for the future, they are only concerned about the here and now. Instant gratification takes precedent in today’s society and is contributing to more and more health issues later in life for many people. The way I look at it, as do many other members at my bootcamp gym, is that we aren’t just working out, we are investing in our future much like putting money in the bank. Though, in this case, we are putting in time now so that when we are older, we are looking and feeling great. The difference between future fitness prep and saving money is that working out benefits you now and in the future, saving money only benefits future you.

Do what you can now because if you don’t develop healthy habits now, some day those bootcamp classes are going to be that much tougher and future you is going to have some not so nice words to say to you now!!.


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