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There is a trend that has been developing for at least a couple years now that has a lot of women questioning their bodies above and beyond all the other questionable trends of the past. That trend is all about the “gap” and it refers to the gap between a woman’s thighs. I admit that initially I fell into this trend and wondered why I didn’t have a “gap” and why my bootcamp classes hadn’t given me one.

Seeing that bootcamp classes are amazingly effective full body workouts, I assumed that my thighs were in as good a shape as they could be. However, I just didn’t have a “gap” like a lot of the pictures that you see online. I wondered if perhaps I needed to investigate other fitness classes that would target my thighs so I could fit in to this developing trend. I even asked all my girlfriends that had a “gap” what they did in hopes of figuring out this mystery. They weren’t much help because they said they just had it.

Feeling defeated and slightly silly, I asked the personal trainers at my bootcamp gym how I could go about getting a “gap.” Thankfully they knew what I was talking about so I didn’t have to explain it to them. They told me that it really came down to 2 things. One, the structure of an individual’s body and two, the pose that these women take for the picture. They showed me right then and there taking up silly poses in which the “gap” was formed. We laughed about it because it is actually a really silly trend and it is mostly just a trick of pose and photography.

I learned something that day and my personal trainers helped me see that most trends that are targeted at women to look and feel sexy are trends not worth following. I have since focused on simply living a healthy lifestyle for myself and to stop worrying about what’s trending. I mean, trends come and go. I will always be me.


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