Injury – No Days OFF®

I was going out of my mind a little bit here. I rolled my ankle a week ago and haven’t been nearly as active as I normally would be. See, in an average week I would have been to my bootcamp classes several times by now and it’s started to bug me that I’m just sitting around. I wouldn’t say that I have ADHD or that I’m hyperactive or anything, but If I don’t keep busy and get my workouts in, I get a little agitated.

I went to get a coffee, which yes, I know that the caffeine probably doesn’t help, but I was limping out when one of the personal trainers from my bootcamp gym walked in. He saw me and recognized me. He asked me why I hadn’t been in recently and I told about my ankle. He gave me this look like, “What the heck?” I asked him what’s up and he asked me why I didn’t come in and talk to him or the other personal trainers?

I hadn’t gone in because I didn’t want to exasperate the injury to my ankle. He said that it is important to let an injury heal, but as long as my Doctor approved and the injury is properly braced or supported, it’s important to keep up with my exercise regimen as best I could. There’s no need to let the whole body suffer when only one part is out of commission, providing the injury isn’t too severe. I didn’t want to slow down the bootcamp classes, but he told me that they can work around my weak ankle and alter my routine at least until my ankle had healed up. He also said that many of the personal trainers could have been physical therapists if they so chose because many have the education to do so. If it ever happens again, I’m definitely going to go in and talk to my personal trainers about it so I can still get my workouts in while I’m healing.


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