My Friend The Medicine Ball – No Days OFF®

Those who don’t frequent the gym may have wondered what those things that look a bit like basketballs sitting around at various fitness classes or bootcamp gyms are. Those, my friends, are called medicine balls. It’s a strange name, for sure, but they date back to the dawn of the 1700’s if not further back in time.

The term “medicine ball” wasn’t used until the late 1800’s. The reason that they are called medicine balls and yet are found at bootcamp gyms and other fitness classes is that their original purpose was for rehabilitation and physical therapies, leading to the medicine ball becoming a very useful tool in sports medicine.

The reason that you find them in gyms today are that they are wonderful little devices that have so many different uses. They can be used as a prop to alter your form or technique of many exercises like push-ups or crunches. Because of their weight, they are great for strength training and frankly are just fun to throw around with fellow fitness enthusiasts.

I’ve been using medicine balls for years now, ever since I discovered what they were. Initially, I just tossed them around for arm and back strength, but after talking with personal trainers I was astounded at the many other uses that are possible with a medicine ball. I’m sure I have yet to discover all the beneficial uses of a medicine ball.

If I could only choose one device to assist in my physical fitness, I think I would choose a medicine ball or several different ones with varying weights due to the vast number of uses that they have and how instrumental they have been in my own physical development. Luckily though, I don’t have to limit myself when I have a whole bootcamp gym at my disposal.


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