Reserve Tank – No Days OFF®

No matter how tired I am or how drained I may be feeling at any given time, my experiences in my bootcamp classes have proven to me that there is always something left in the tank. The real question is how deep do you have to dig to get to it?

As far as the Human race is concerned, we are amazing machines capable of great feats of endurance and strength. We may not be the fastest creature on the planet, but we can out endurance anything else out there. Part of that is simply how our bodies are designed, the other part is the mental side of things.

The “reserve tank” is really just how determined you are on the mental level to rock out at your bootcamp gym or finish your other fitness classes. Heck, you may even have to dip into the reserves just to get out the door to go to your fitness classes, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have anything left once you get there. You will always have something in reserve as long as you believe that you do.

Push yourself every day to get up and get going no matter what you feel like. Even if you aren’t at 100% don’t let that stop you from having an amazing day. Get into the bootcamp gym and push yourself to do your best because regrets dwell in the moments of life that you pull back from. That’s what the reserve tank is for, to get you to where you want to be even if the main tank is empty.

My bootcamp gym has taught me that I am No Days OFF® and that my reserve tank always has something left in it as long as I believe it does. Kick it into drive and push through to be better than yesterday.


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