Rest Days – No Days OFF®

Some people think that when you want to get fit you have to dedicate a portion of every day to go full bore at a bootcamp gym or some other kind of intense fitness center to make or even maintain progress. This just isn’t accurate. The human body is incredibly resilient and has more endurance than nearly any creature on this planet, but it isn’t healthy to push it all the time. That’s why personal trainers always design a workout schedule with rest days in-between the main workouts.

“Rest days” as a term is a misnomer, a “rest day” may be lounging around not doing anything or it may not. The purpose is to let the parts of your body that you’ve worked out to heal and recover. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get some light cardio or other low intensity fitness classes on your rest days. Other physical activities are fine too be it bike riding, swimming, or a variety of sports.

Rest days are a necessity if you want to get the most out of your workout routines. Personal trainers also warn that pushing yourself and your body too hard can lead to less effective workouts and can even end up causing damage to muscles and joints. That obviously is not a good way to get fit.

If you are struggling to find a balance between your workouts and your rests, you can certainly find information and guidance from personal trainers. Becoming a member at a reputable bootcamp gym is another viable option as it gives you incredibly effective workouts, but you’ll also have access to a team of trainers that can give guidance on rest days let alone a wealth of other fitness related topics.

Rest days are just as important as gym days and without, your workouts won’t be as effective. Chill once in a while. Your body will thank you.


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