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When I was first starting out in my quest to finally get fit, I struggled as most do. I tried the simple exercises that one can do at home, but progress was slow to the point of being non-existent. That didn’t help motivate me and if anything being at home was detrimental. It’s too easy to get distracted and to find excuses around the house for not getting a workout in. I struggled up until I decided that I need to do my workouts elsewhere. So I became a member at a local bootcamp gym.

Once I was settled in and had some bootcamp classes under my belt so to say, I finally started seeing some positive results that I could actually see with my own eyes and not a scale. The one problem that I did have was consistency or routine and it hurt my progress though I didn’t realize it until I spoke with the personal trainers at the gym. They told me that early on in anyone’s fitness goals there should be a focus on developing a routine. A fairly strict one at that. I asked them why and they said that a fitness routine that you adhere to will soon become a habit. If it is habitual to work out every day or every other and if you miss a day, you will be bothered by it on a mental level. Like any other habit, good or bad, your mind, and possibly your body, will want fulfillment if the habit isn’t satisfied.

Because of this, I developed a weekly routine that I stuck to as best I could and low and behold, my progress accelerated. I went to the bootcamp gym 3 days a week without fail for a couple months. When I finally missed one of my morning bootcamp classes, I was really bothered by it and had to rearrange my afternoon so I could get my workout in. As the personal trainers said, it’s all about routine, routine, routine.


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  • Cathy

    I started this four weeks ago. I have failed to do three times a week. The first few weeks was because of appointments that I had to go to, then I have had bronchitis for the past week and I have COPD. So this past week has been pretty bad in the breathing department. I will get back in to it again. I will not give up, I can do this, I will do this!

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