Stronger Together – No Days OFF®

When I first signed on to be a member of a bootcamp gym, I was alone. I had turned away from my previous lifestyle of junk food and the sedentary ways of constantly sitting around a table playing games. It was fun to tell you the truth, but I had finally reached a point in my life that I wanted to focus on my personal fitness. My gaming friends didn’t share my new-found determination to better myself physically by going to a bootcamp gym. Perhaps they just haven’t reached the point in their own lives where their personal health has to take priority.

So, I felt alone and isolated, that I was on a journey of self improvement despite the fact that I was walking into a bootcamp gym that was full of my fellow classmates. Silly I know, surrounded by people and I felt alone. Luckily though, that feeling didn’t last longer than a few of the bootcamp classes. I started seeing some of the same classmates and the personal trainers started recognizing me. I started opening up to the people around me and found out that my quest wasn’t unique. That all these people around me, including the trainers, were simply trying to better themselves. Just like I was trying to do. There wasn’t the judgmental attitudes that I feared from others, just my own judgments of why had I let myself go as far as I had.

The motivation and support that I have received from my classmates and the personal trainers at the gym is really the only reason that I’ve been able to get to where I am now. I believe that I have progressed towards my fitness goals and that others are doing the same because we are stronger together. We all share a similar goal: Being better than we were yesterday. That is a powerful group motivation that has helped me become much better than yesterday!.


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