The Long Game – No Days OFF®

I hate to admit it, but some days I really have to question why I am going to bootcamp classes and whether it is really doing any good. I was and still am what would be considered “obese” for my height. It’s the truth. I’ve been going to my bootcamp gym for a few months now and I’m sore and I ache after every class. I have lost a handful of pounds according to the scale yet the mirror does show some change. Can I continue? Is it worth it?

Yes. I don’t want to look and feel this way anymore and if it means that I have to be sore and achy for a while longer, so be it. The bootcamp classes are a means to an end in which I can look in the mirror and not feel the way I do about myself. I won’t have to feel embarrassed when I go out in public. I can be the person that I want to be in a body that I have conquered. Others have done it, so can I.

I’m playing the long game of personal fitness now and despite the effectiveness of bootcamp classes, I have a long way to go with both weight and time. Fortunately, the personal trainers at my bootcamp gym see what I’m trying to do. They don’t judge and offer nothing but encouragement. They are proud of my progress despite myself and keep me going when I would have quit. My classmates are the same. I see it in their eyes, not judgment, but admiration in a person who is truly trying to better themselves. Because of them, I can do this. The long game is difficult to play, but with the right people by your side anything can be possible.


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