Toning Versus Building Muscle – No Days OFF®

Many women believe that to get their perfect body, they need to build or develop their muscles and that is true to a point. When first starting off with fitness classes from a less than fit state, building up your muscles is important because bigger muscles need more energy to function. That means more calories burnt which in turn means more body fat eliminated. Once you get to a desired level of fitness though, you don’t need to keep developing those muscles unless you want a more muscular physique.

As a woman, I had to work harder to develop my muscles compared to men that seem to build muscle far easier. I know it is due to the physiological differences between the sexes, but my mistake was in thinking that I had to keep building the muscles to see some definition in them. Personal trainers at the bootcamp gym that I go to enlightened me that I might be going about reaching my fitness goals wrong. They told me that I need to start doing more cardio and focus on toning my muscles. I wasn’t entirely sold at first thinking that I needed more muscle to create my “perfect body.”

After following the recommendations of my personal trainers for a while, I started seeing the definition that I wanted and the cardio helped burn further fat that was hiding the muscles. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t looking to be muscle bound from the get go, I just wanted to see some separation in my abs and have killer legs with curves in all the right spots. Those early fitness classes absolutely got me into better shape, but it wasn’t until I started doing some research and having discussions with my personal trainers that I realized that I needed to slight adjust my routines to get the results that I was looking for.


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