Under Eating – No Days OFF®

I’ve told you in past blogs that I am a bit hyperactive. I always have to be doing something or I get fidgety. It’s a good thing I like working out at my bootcamp gym because it fulfills that need to be active. In fact, bootcamp classes are one of the only things that can tire me out. The downside to that hyper activeness is that I find eating to be a bit of a bore. Not that I don’t enjoy the taste of food, but the act of eating isn’t active enough.

I had been going to my bootcamp classes for quite a while and my progress seemed to be hitting a plateau. I thought that it was strange because my muscles weren’t developing or toning like I thought they would. I had lost weight from burning off what small amounts of fat that my body had, but that was about it. I decided to talk to the personal trainers at the bootcamp gym about this lack of development I was experiencing.

After an in depth talk with them, they figured that barring any medical issues, I wasn’t providing the proper nutrition to my body. I wasn’t eating enough or maintaining a healthy diet. They suggested making some changes to the way I eat and to see what that did. I’m not going to specify what they told me because diet practices can vary from person to person. After the proposed changes to my diet, my progress resumed. I started seeing the changes that I wanted and was back on my way to reaching my fitness goals.

If you are seeing the same kind of plateau in your own fitness goals, I wholeheartedly suggest that you speak to your own personal trainers and I’m sure that they can figure how you can change your own habits to better support your fitness progress.


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