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Ah, the Fall. Such a wonderful time to have a wedding or to be a part of one. Every woman has dreamed of having that day of days. A day that is absolutely perfect in every way. The food, guest list, music, venue, cake and the dress has to be perfect. The dress, doesn’t matter if it’s the bride’s or the bridesmaid’s, the dress has to be perfect. The problem is that, generally speaking, the dress is bought months in advance and with life and, of course the cake tasting, that dress may be a little snug by the time the big day arrives. That’s where bootcamp classes will be your life saver.

With all the planning that goes on with a wedding, your time will be extremely limited unless you have hired a planner to do all the heavy lifting. Otherwise, your wedding day is what you make it. The more time you put into it, the better it will turn out, but at the cost of personal time to do other things. That is why I became a member at a bootcamp gym. From the research that I have done, bootcamp classes are the most effective and efficient ways to get fit fast.

What woman wants to go to a tailor and have a dress “let out”? Not me. With a couple of months of bootcamp classes, I actually had to have my dress “taken in.” That was a kick to my pride I’ll tell you that. On the day of days, I was looking my best and feeling great.

The major advantage of bootcamp classes is that they are only an hour long and yet burn a tremendous amount of calories for the time spent. If you are stressing about your wedding dress or bridesmaid’s dress fitting just right, look into bootcamp classes around you. You won’t be disappointed by the results. I wasn’t.


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