Why We Do It – No Days OFF®

Why do we consistently punish ourselves with bootcamp classes? Or any number of various fitness classes for that matter? It’s not that we’re gluttons for punishment and truly, there are many of us that are true fitness enthusiasts who have found joy in the process. Don’t get me wrong though. If we could eat anything that we desired and could lounge around without consequence, I’m sure many of us would. That just isn’t a reality though.

We dutifully go to our bootcamp classes, not because we paid for the membership, but because of the way we feel afterward. We do it because we look in the mirror and get excited to see small changes often or the major change that we worked so hard for. We do it because it should allow us to live a longer and more active life than we would otherwise.

People assume that personal trainers live “the life” because we’re “fitness junkies.” That isn’t always the case. Many personal trainers are just really good with people and happen to be knowledgeable in fitness. It also happens that many of us would love to eat a box of chocolate doughnuts in one sitting, the only thing that stops us is that we don’t want to have to work all those calories off! We’re just people who are doing a job because we are good at it and, more often than not, really enjoy it, but that doesn’t make us any less fallible than anyone else out there.

If you’re ashamed or embarrassed about your body or you just don’t really want to work out, we understand all of that. We would love for everyone to be healthy and fit, but the reality is that’s simply not true. A healthy practice of exercise can have such positive effects in both our everyday lives and our overall health. Personal trainers know the struggle all too well and welcome any who want to start making a positive change in their lives. We’re here to help and THAT is why we do it.


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