Workout Misconceptions – No Days OFF®

It’s always surprising the number of people that think that proper workouts are simple to create. There’s a reason that personal trainers go to school for their field. The human body is so complex with so many different parts, systems, and functions that nothing about it is simple.

It isn’t just about which exercises you do, but how you do them and in what order to get the most benefit. It also isn’t just about the workout itself as one’s lifestyle greatly impacts the effectiveness of the workout.

When someone asks me what is the best way to get fit or the fastest way to do so, I tell them that their best bet is a membership at a bootcamp gym. Sure, other fitness classes will help, but most of those are too focused or less intense. Bootcamp classes are designed as a full body workout all at the same time. There’s no arm day or leg day, just a comprehensive workout that benefits the entire body. Not to say that working one part of the body is necessarily bad, but that isn’t the most efficient use of time nor is it the quickest, safest way to get fit.

There are so many misconceptions that if you’ve been trying to get fit and aren’t seeing any progress, don’t quit, don’t give up. Look up bootcamp gyms in your area and give them a try. You may find that you were following a common misconception about working out. Don’t feel bad for doing so as many people are operating on outdated information or that info is simply wrong. Certified personal trainers are one of the best sources of fitness information that you can find and could possibly make your workouts more effective and possibly less painful. If at any time you feel that something is “off” about your workout, best to consult a professional. That’s not a misconception.


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