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No Days OFF is a lifestyle philosophy from the mind of Manning Sumner. It has been recognized by celebrities and professional athletes across the country as an effective way to live a healthy and fulfilling life that can aid you in being the best that you can in all that you do.

No Days OFF or NDO can obviously help you push yourself at your favorite Miami bootcamp gym to get the best possible full body workout. NDO can motivate you to get up and go to your Miami fitness classes even when you are feeling a bit lazy. However, don’t be fooled that NDO is only applicable to your Miami bootcamp classes and staying physically fit. As important, if not more so, is what NDO can do for your mental health and well being. It can expand your outlook when you feel like things are closing in on you.

Here’s the deal with NDO. It isn’t that you are always pushing yourself to exhaustion at your Miami fitness classes, rather that you are always striving to do your best in literally anything that you do. Cooking dinner? Strive for the best homemade meal that you can even if you’re just making a PB&J. Watching TV? Be the best TV watcher in the history of television. It may be silly sounding at first, but I liken it to the Samurai way of life. Absolutely everything from your Miami bootcamp classes, cooking, and even your lounging demands respect and discipline to do it properly. If you don’t apply all that you are into whatever you are doing, why are you even doing it? What satisfaction is to be had in not applying yourself to the fullest?

At the end of the day, when you can honestly say to yourself that you did your best and that you’ll do so again tomorrow and the day after, your mind won’t be clouded in doubt or a lack of confidence. You can sleep and wake with a clean conscience for you to be the best you that you can be.

No Days OFF is a great philosophy for getting fit at your favorite Miami bootcamp gym. Though the true strength of NDO comes from the mental benefits that you attain by simply striving to do your best, day after day, in all that you do.


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