Getting Your Fitness High


At this point, there isn’t so much a question as to whether there is a “high” that can be achieved from working out, but rather how one achieves it. Personal trainers in Miami know of the existence of an exercise high and know too how much of a motivator it can be to keep people coming back to a variety of Miami fitness classes. So let’s start with what an exercise high is.

What Miami personal trainers are referring to when they speak of an exercise high is when you reach a certain point in a workout, or any physical activity really, when the body starts to release endorphins. Endorphins are the “feel good” chemical of the body and it acts as a reward mechanism to keep you doing things that feel “good,” like getting a full body workout at a Miami bootcamp gym, just as pain generally makes you stop or avoid things that don’t feel “good.”

Given that, one could easily surmise that your body wants you to work out and it will reward you for doing so. This natural mechanism of our body can even lead to a sort of addiction to working out. Miami personal trainers want you to enjoy exercising, but also know the dangers of this “addiction” that some people take too far so as they don’t want to stop and overdo it. This can cause dangerous situations where a person can actually be doing damage to their body unwittingly.

The good news is that the great majority of people won’t have this severe addiction and they’ll just get the endorphins going and they’ll feel good about themselves and their body after a workout. To get an exercise high, you really just need to get your heart going by running, lifting, or partaking in almost any kind of Miami fitness classes. The endorphin release will ramp up and then plateau at a certain point giving you the indication to increase your workout intensity. That plateau is your notice that your workout is working!


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