No Days OFF Defined

Legacy Fit

The No Days OFF movement began in Miami, Florida. The brainchild of Manning Sumner, professional athlete trainer and founder of the Nation’s fastest growing gym franchise, Legacy Fit, No Days OFF has grown to become one of the most influential slogans in the fitness industry.

More than a simple slogan, No Days OFF is a lifestyle guide written by Sumner and scientifically proven over years of successful testing. While the name tends to lend you to a never ending workout, that is not the premise of the lifestyle guide in the least. A consistent workout regimen is indeed a part of becoming active in the No Days OFF movement, but a physical fitness program is just one aspect of this philosophical path to a happier, healthier you!

No Days OFF as defined by its author, is about being the very best you that you can possibly be. Whether you are at the gym, the beach, working at the office or relaxing with your favorite book, do what you do…all the way. Simply put, do the very best at everything you do, no matter what. Sumner believes that if anything is worth doing, it is worth doing well. That is No Days OFF simplified, in a nut shell.

The original Legacy Fit, located in Midtown Miami sparked a nationwide movement strongly influenced by the No Days OFF philosophy. Sumner’s clients, ranging from professional athletes, music moguls and Hollywood elite helped spread the word of the effectiveness of No Days OFF and the positive influence the lifestyle guide offers.

Today, the reach of No Days OFF has found itself overseas in addition to growing quickly in American pop culture and fitness circles as Legacy Fit gyms franchise internationally. Much like the gym itself, No Days OFF exemplifies living life to the fullest through making the most of every moment in life.


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