Running To Your Fitness Goals

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Many fitness enthusiasts enjoy running as their major way of getting fit. Running is great exercise and evolution has made our bodies quite adept at it. Though running alone isn’t the end all solution to achieving one’s fitness goals. It would be like Miami personal trainers telling someone to only do pushups and by doing so, they can be “fit.” Sure, your arms would be in good shape, but there is more to someone than just their arms.

This is a major reason why “cross fit” and more importantly, Miami bootcamp classes have gotten so popular so quickly. Bootcamp classes in Miami provide a well balanced, full body workout that helps develop every area of the body in a relatively quick amount of time. Just lifting weights will build muscle, but it won’t help as much with developing your circulatory system. Whereas “cardio” type workouts are great for the heart, but don’t build muscle. Being truly “fit” requires a wide range of different exercises that all focus on different parts of the body and Miami bootcamp classes are a great way to achieve that.

So back to running, it certainly gets your heart going and does strengthen your legs, but even Olympic runners do some cross training because they know that it isn’t just their legs that allows them to run faster or farther than others. Their bodies as a whole need to be strengthened and conditioned to support their legs.

This isn’t to say that you need to stop running or that it isn’t good exercise, it is, but one does need to balance workouts for their entire body. Miami personal trainers agree and that doing any kind of cross fit or bootcamp type classes are a great way to bring the whole body up to par and still leave you time for leg day. Scope out the bootcamp gyms in Miami if you want a well rounded, full body workout.


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