Change The Beat: Cardio Boxing – No Days OFF®

So you think that you are in good enough shape and don’t need to worry about routine workouts at a bootcamp gym? Even if you are happy with how your body appears on the outside, which is awesome for you for many struggle reaching that point, there are parts of your body that you can’t see by looking in the mirror. These organs still need some attention to stay healthy and strong.

One of the most important is your circulatory system and it requires cardio to keep beating strong. That’s right, primarily consisting of your heart, but also includes your arteries and veins, the circulatory is solely responsible for transporting blood around your body. Getting in some good cardio at fitness classes on the regular is the responsible thing to do even if you aren’t actively working out.

Another very effective way to achieve this is to get into Cardio Boxing at a bootcamp gym Cardio boxing is basically a mock boxing match that includes a lot of movement that gets your pulse up to your target heart rate. If you are unaware of what your target heart rate is and why it’s important, here is the short of it. Your target heart rate is where your circulatory system reaches its most efficient point. This also maximizes any workout and the benefits thereof of any fitness classes that you partake in at the time. Ultimately, you’ll burn more calories than you would otherwise.

Change the beat and get yourself some super effective cardio boxing at our bootcamp gym and make sure that you feel as good on the inside as you do on the outside. Your heart will thank you for it later and maybe you’ll find out that you aren’t in as good of shape as you might want. That’s what fitness classes are all about, work out now and your future self will be glad that you did.


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