Feel Good Fitness

It’s obvious that most people go to bootcamp gyms in an effort to look good, either to themselves or in the eyes of others. This is all fine and good, but let’s not forget that your efforts at a bootcamp gym should also be to feel good physically as well as to feel good about yourself in the psychological sense.

People come in all shapes and sizes and we shouldn’t be striving to all look like supermodels. Not only is it an unrealistic goal, there’s the question of how healthy those supermodels are. You can be beautiful and healthy if you are a size 6 or a size 16. Your physical appearance isn’t correlative to your actual level of health and shouldn’t be the sole measurement of your overall fitness, either.

Ultimately, if you feel good about yourself in that you routinely visit a bootcamp gym and are doing everything you realistically can to lead a healthy lifestyle, you should feel great about yourself even if you can’t fit into the clothes you wore in high school. That goes for any fitness classes. Even if you are rocking out yoga because you like it and may not be shedding the pounds, you are still doing something to better yourself and that is all that matters. One may even argue that yoga can even improve your mental outlook on life better than some of the alternative fitness classes.

So, stop looking at supermodels as a goal or an ideal look because it is unrealistic in almost every sense of the word for the greater majority of people. Just keep yourself going to your fitness classes and feel good about yourself in your efforts of personal betterment. Fitness isn’t all about how you look, but how you feel.


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