What Is My Health Worth?


When we were young, TV and video games, let alone the internet, weren’t the time suck that they are today. Thus, instead of going to Miami fitness classes or the like was never on our minds. Rather, all we had to do was go running around with our friends or even by ourselves to get a good workout and we never thought about our “health” other than if we were sick or not. Admittedly though, we were young and we probably didn’t need the workout then as much as when we get older.

The problem is that with age comes responsibility and that eats up a lot of time. When we get time to do what we want, the last thought on our minds is probably not hitting up a Miami bootcamp gym even if that is what we should really be doing. Sure, it would be a good thing to go to bootcamp classes in Miami, but my favorite show is on. I’ll go tomorrow. However, there comes a point in our lives that we start thinking about the future. Some of us see it sooner, some of us don’t see it at all, but the question we start to ask ourselves is: “what is my health worth?”

By the time I started asking myself this question, I should have already been going to bootcamp classes in Miami and my body was in a state that reflected that. Why did I start going regularly to fitness classes in Miami? Because my life was worth more now. I had less of it than when I was young and the biggest thing, children. My children, that deserve to have me at my very best every day. I can’t do that, I can’t be that if I have no energy to even play with them. Not to mention that they deserve to have me around as long as possible. So, that is why I go to a Miami bootcamp gym and try to stay as fit as possible without taking time away from my kids. So I ask you, “what is your health worth?”


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